Red Dust Snow - Simon Bayliss Photography

Red Dust on Snow succinctly describes my passion for not only travelling the diverse regions of eastern Australia but also how to capture this majestic land photographically.

The travel and photography bug bit me twenty years, and I want to connect with others with similar passions for the shared experience and how best to capture it.

My touring is mostly "roads less travelled", and the experience of the journey is more important than the mode (by any means possible, just so long as you do it).

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Looking for one of the great journeys of central Sweden? This road-trip of discovery takes in the wonderful Norrland via Östersund, through the breathtaking landscapes of Medelpad and Jamtland (Jämtland) to the spectacular mountains and lakes around Åre before heading across the border into Norway. Heading north past pristine lakes before heading back east across the mountains and then back south along the aptly named Fish Road (Fiskevägen).