Red Dust Snowtm best describes my passion for photography and travel writing from the Australian outback to the Alpine area from where several mighty rivers of Australia flow. The passion for snow (and things sub-zero) is also based on my partner's birthplace Sweden; which provides a bicultural heritage and upbringing of my two children. I have been fortunate enough to have lived, and photographed, many areas of Scandinavia.
Photography has always been a  passion of mine, and something I have focussed on over the last fifteen years; after graduating from Queensland University and a decade working in the agri-business sector.

Since going professional, I have specialised in product, promotion, and travel photography, and over that time, I have become a preferred service provider across tourism and lifestyle media in Australia.

Having travelled most of Australia, NZ, Europe, and Scandinavia, shared experiences nurture my creative soul.

My affinity to rural Australia - borne out of my time spent in the Riverina as a teenager - facilitated several major assignments across eastern Australia.

My passion for professional photography has also covered the beautiful regions of Scandinavia, with a particular focus on Northern Sweden.

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